How to Be a Winner

This seems like a simple enough topic but it really isn’t. Being on the losing side is a reality for many people and it wreaks havoc emotionally, physically and spiritually into one’s life. It is possible to rebound from being a loser but it takes discipline, mental strength and a desire to win. Whereas losing is an easy slide downwards that includes giving in to temptations, giving up and staying down; winning is the challenging climb upwards that requires the use of all the cells in one’s body, the strength of one’s mind and a spirit of determination, courage, confidence and absolute faith.

People on the losing side focus on their lack, they constantly think about how they got to this low place in their life. They are often depressed and lonely because not many people want to hang out with them because of the power of their negative thoughts. They will often attract other low life beings, however, they may sometimes attract a winner, someone who is on a mission to inspire the world, someone who feels it is their destiny to help people be all they can be. The loser will then try to leech on to this person for dear life, and try to live through that person. This will eventually cause more havoc because until the loser learns to act wisely, think proactively and motivate themselves, they will constantly find themselves alone, inadequately lacking the tools to rise and stay above water.

I have intently studied the losing quality of clients and members of my family, both male and female. They have not dealt well with setbacks. Instead of jumping over setbacks or taking a detour, they tend to linger or remain immobile in the face of setbacks, constantly wondering where they went wrong and how this could have happened to them instead of ways to improve and strengthen themselves so it won’t happen again.

Losers are mostly very thin, emaciated or obese. They have lost the will to take care of their bodies so their health is often in a declining state. They often overindulge in comfort foods and junk foods such as ice cream, candy bars, soda, white rice, white sugar and they often over indulge in cigarettes, alcohol and or drugs. They do not pay attention to their health. This further weakens the brain and other organs and makes a comeback harder.

They also tend to be very dependent, weak willed and give in to fears easily. They look for someone to protect them because whatever they went through has scared them, taken away their confidence and left them defenseless. Losers often stay in that position too long instead of finding a motivational class or joining a self-help group to help them to get out of that position. In other words they cry over spilt milk much longer than the average person.

Losers do not learn from their mistakes the first time around. They often have to repeat it over and over to learn the message. This further weakens their position and makes it harder to rise from the dung. In order for a loser to rise up, he or she must first realize that they are acting like a loser. They must look around and see how much they have lost. Then they must determine to stop losing. The battleground is the mind. That is where the fears are, the hurts, the pain. In the spirit, is where there is hope, strength, determination and courage.

Losers need to let go of the baggage so they can fly. The old hurts, who did them wrong, must go out and be replaced with forgiveness. Maybe that means contacting or facing the person who did them wrong and saying I forgive you. To some it may mean apologizing. Losers often don’t like to apologize because they have a victim mentality. They like to play the part of a victim instead of a victor. For example, a man could be married and not be a provider for most of the marriage leaving most of the heavy lifting for the wife. When that wife has had enough and leaves, he assumes the victim mentality. “She left me!” “How dare she do that?” Losers have no vision, they don’t see or read the signs and act; they often wait until it is too late. They have the deer in the headlights attitude of immobility. They don’t move until they get hit and then they retreat wounded and in pain.

Losers were not born losers, they acquired it along the road of life. In order to change the losing streak into a productive and happy life, losers have to want better for themselves and their families. They have to ask the question, “Do I want my children to see me like this?” If they have no children, they could ask, “What is my gift or legacy that I would like to leave behind in this world?” or “How can I make a better life for myself?”

Losers need to immerse themselves in motivational CDs, books and self-help groups. Church is a great place to start. A local small to midsized church would be ideal, so as not to get more ‘lost’. In addition, losers need to wake up earlier and plan their day. Make each day count for something. Taking a small positive action each day, like maybe meditation will go a long way in clearing the mind of the clutter and hurts. Making a commitment to improve oneself and setting a date on that commitment helps tremendously. Letting someone or a group know about the commitment keeps the person accountable. Writing down a vision for their life is also key, along with reviewing that written vision weekly or monthly and checking the progress annually.

Losers can become winners if they let go of the hurts, the fears and rejection and replace them with forgiveness, hope, discipline and the courage to get up, treat the wounds and then start rebuilding a life worth living.

Dr. Simone Lord is a pastor, writer and naturopathic doctor. Her books, Get Out of Your Cage: Keys to Freedom in All Areas of Your Life and Financial Freedom by Faith: A Guide to Prosperity, help people heal. Dr. Lord invites you to enjoy church service and Sunday brunch at Inspire NY.

A Matter of Trust


We can do great things when we trust God. We can walk on water, so to speak, we can accomplish our goals, no matter how big they are, when we trust God. What goals and desires do you hold dear? I must tell you that they will be accomplished through trusting in a higher power to make it happen.

Trusting in God does not mean sitting back and merely dreaming about the things, the feats you would like to see come through. Instead it means writing down the vision or the dream as it says in the book of Habakkuk verse 2:2 “And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

God will absolutely make provision for your vision to manifest if you do not fear or doubt it. Sometimes there is delay. Delay comes when we try to do it our way instead of trusting God. Delay and failure of our vision to launch or manifest comes when we take matters into our own hands. We destroy our dream or goal by having doubt, mistrusting others, planting negative seeds that grow into thorns that stifle our vision and also by not doing the right things. 2 Corinthians 9:8 – And God [is] able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all [things], may abound to every good work. See also Philippians 4:13, “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
For your dream or vision to manifest you need these 5 things:
1. Confidence which is faith and absolute Trust that God will see you through, will guide you all the way, will not fail you. Relax, lean into the Lord, do not stress. Believe, He will make a way.
2. You will need to write down what you desire very clearly and meditate on it day and night
3. Empty your mind. Separate yourself from fear and doubt, jealousy, anger and hate, Instead have a positive mental picture of the vision having materialized. If you have a picture of the vision keep it in your wallet or at your bedside. Keep your eye on the prize.
4. Plan and Do the things that will make the vision happen. Create a plan and execute it diligently.
5. Turn setbacks into opportunity. Haters will be always be present, anyone that sees you doing better than them will constantly try to keep you back by negative talk or actions. You have to make up your mind to rise above the setbacks, whatever they are. Do not feed into negativity. Do not focus on negativity, it will only grow. Focus on positive thinking and actions, positive speech, positive conversation.
Remember, the enemy of this world does not want you to succeed he wants you to fail and be delayed long enough so your vision can die and not blossom. He does not want life for you but death. He wants you to be the tail, always the borrower, he wants you to be a loser, never having, broken and rejected, depressed, going hungry, having no beautiful life.
God on the other hand wants you to have a great life. Do not let anything stand in your way to this. Do what the Lord says so you can inherit a beautiful life, without delay. Conquer your fears. Control your tongue and control your flesh. Discipline your mind to think positive thoughts. Discipline your emotions and learn to be quiet sometimes. Chinese culture says that silence is golden. Loose lips sink ships. Never give up. Do what’s right in God’s sight and keep on going after your dreams. They will manifest. Be like an athlete, train for your dreams, train your mind, your body and your mouth into saying the right things and not curses. And you will see the glory of the Lord. You will see that beautiful life, that wonderful goal manifest quickly for you. When you make the Lord your partner and trust Him completely, the sky is the limit. He will do abundantly more than you ever hoped and wished for.

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5 Ways in 5 Days to Lose 5lbs & Live Healthier

5 Ways in 5 Days to Lose 5lbs & Live Healthier
Simone Lord. N.D

Almost everyone is looking for the best way to stay fit and healthy. Diets come and go, as does the weight. One minute you’re fit and trim, the next minute your clothes don’t fit. Weight needs to be managed just as much as stress does. Stress causes us to
overeat and consume the wrong foods and beverages. So here are some
pointers from a naturopathic doctor who is well familiar with the struggle to stay fit and healthy.
1. It’s important to connect to a higher power by having faith and to believe in yourself and that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Our bodies are wired to listen to our brains. The human mind is very powerful and it is in charge of our body. It is not the body that should dictate what you do but your mind. Have you ever seen a king walking and his servant riding on the horse?
2. Use natural foods and herbal supplements like Schisandra berries or Ashwaghanda to manage your stress hormones. In addition to fun sweaty activities, also known as exercise, it’s good to take natural supplements that can boost brain power, energy, will power, mood and vitality. I love Schisandra berries and so do my clients. When you’re feeling a little flustered, a cup of Schisandra berries tea will make you relax and not take out your stress on those closest to you, as humans tend to do. They are definitely not your typical berry. This dynamic superberry counters stress by reducing the number of stress hormones in the blood. It is considered an adaptogen, meaning that it can adapt to the broad needs of your body. Schisandra helps to decrease fatigue and improve mental and physical endurance. Many athletes use the superberry to improve performance. Schisandra berries also help the liver to function well, it aids the digestion system and boosts the immune system. In addition, Schisandra fights cancer cells by boosting immunity. It also beautifies the skin. To make a Schisandra berry wine tonic, soak the berries in a wine for about three to four weeks. You can also make a tea by boiling or steeping the berries, add a bit of honey and enjoy the unusual taste and thrilling benefits of these dynamic little berries.
3. Detoxify your body and your blood by making a tea out of burdock and dandelion leaves, ginger, cascara sagrada, and peppermint leaves. Drink lots of water. Eliminate by going to bathroom often. Use 1 tsp of the above to 10 ounces of water, boil for 5 minutes and let cool. Drink a very small teacup each morning.
4. Take a 5 day watermelon fast or flush if you are physically able to. Check with your doctor first. In those five days, you can eat as much watermelon as you like, juice the watermelon, drink lots of water, lots of herbal tea.
5. Do a steam therapy detox or steam sauna once or twice during the five days. Drink lots of water to replenish all the fluids lost. Ask your doctor if you are ill or have health issues before going on this regimen.
Dr. Simone Lord is a board certified naturopath and iridologist. She is a pastor and the author of 5 books. Dr. Lord practices naturopathy at her juice bar and health food café and also church and wellness center. She is currently building a restoration retreat spa cabin in the foot of the Catskills mountains, NY, in a sweet town called Ellenville. Visit to learn more.

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How to Become Healthier & Wealthier

The secret is out…. doctors are more interested in prescribing drugs and medicines than preventative medicine. And why should they care about preventative care? There is no money in healthy people. Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies all make money from sick people. So it is up to YOU and I to take care of ourselves.

To stay healthy here are some key elements or rules that one must follow:

1. Drink more water. The daily goal is to drink half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150lbs you will need 75 ounces of water each day to keep all your major organs hydrated. The liver needs water, kidneys, eyes, brain, we need water to survive. Many people fall ill because of dehydration. Coconut water is great, lots of potassium. Lemon water is great, it will flush liver and kidney and alkaline your blood.

2. Pay attention to blood circulation. Get up and move around for 30 minutes a day. Jump, run, walk, swim, play tennis, do something to get your body and blood going.

3. Eat something leafy and green each day. It will provide fiber, which is what keeps your colon healthy and clean versus dirty and clogged. A serving of fresh fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, banana or salad each day will help your body eliminate waste better instead of storing it internally. Make sure you ‘poo’ once or twice per day.

4. Take your supplements. Mineral deficiency is the beginning of all disease. The American diet is sad and lacking in minerals. Stay away from microwaves and stop nuking your food. It can cause cancer. Research microwaves and find out for yourself.

5. Practice being happy, smile more, be kind to others. Studies show that anger, bitterness, envy, jealousy and hatred can cause cancer, ulcers and other illness. Let it go. Be friendlier and make more friends instead.

6. Use more natural products whenever possible. Natural hair color, like henna, is gentler on our bodies than harsh chemicals. Natural deodorants, natural soaps, natural cleaning detergents all help us to stay healthier.

7. Get in at least 8 hours sleep each night. Sleep is more important than we think and allows us to stay alert and think more. Also sleep keeps us looking young.

8. Stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and hard drugs. They lead to destruction. They not only age us but deteriorate our cells and our minds. No one wants to be poorer, less alert and without creative ideas.

9. Do something for your community. Community building is important in that it creates neighborly bonds and you make friends. It is good to know your neighbor’s name and have a friendly relationship. Helping the seniors or mentoring kids in your community will add a new dimension (of happiness, contentment or usefulness) to your life.

10. Know your purpose and know who you serve. You are a spiritual being that was put here on earth to fulfill a greater good. If you are not serving God, then who are you serving?

As far as becoming wealthy, there is a single concept that most people fail to grasp. The more useful you are, the more money you make. You must be the solution or provide a solution to a problem, then people will seek you out and give you money for providing the answer to their problems. Think about what you can bring to the market to barter, if we still lived in a barter system. You must have something useful that solves a problem or fits a need. When you have this product or service you are then able to sell it to the world. If you have no product or no service to market then how will you survive? The answer is: by the whims of the people who have products and services to market. They will be called your boss. If you desire to become wealthy, you must have a service or product that people need or desire. Then you find a strategic, creative way of marketing that product or service to the masses. Be consistent and determined to succeed, never, ever give up and you can become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

By Dr. Simone Lord.. naturopathic doctor, minister, entrepreneur, author of Financial Freedom by Faith

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How to Become Powerful!

Focus on Becoming Healthy & Powerful

When I think of power I think of God. God is power, He is love, he is abundance He is strength, He is grace, He is mercy, He is health, all these things are all in His hands. When you meditate on His power and in the knowledge that you are His child, you ought not be afraid.

In Greek mythology, Zeus is all powerful, and so are His children, think of Hercules. When we are in a good relationship with God, we are freed from the enemy’s grip to live an abundant, power-filled life, instead of the depressed, broke, lonely, diseased and fearful life Satan leads us to with his temptations. When we obey the rules of our earthly parents and listen to their wisdom, we inherit great things. Here we see that obedience is one of the keys to living a great life. When we are disobedient to our parents, we get into trouble. When we listen and are obedient, we fulfil our life’s potential, with grandeur.

The enemy comes to tempt us, to steal, kill and destroy us, if we let him. We do not have to let him. When you were a child or teenager, your parents protected you as best as they could from falling. As an adult, God and His army of angels take over the protection, the advising. Do we always listen?

When we follow our own lusts, ego and pride, we make bad decisions that can ultimately impact the quality of our lives and our children’s lives. Then while we are living those miserable lives stemming from the bad decisions that God’s messengers begged us not to make, we beseech God’s help to deliver us from the agony of the consequences of our disobedience.

Like any parent, God the Father has plans for our prosperity. If we look good, He looks great. Jeremiah 29:11 “ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

So we can be sure that God and the universe wants the best for us. We are supposed to be productive, progressive and thrive! We are not supposed to be living in poverty, bad health. We are meant to be happy, healthy God-like people, inventors, excellent parents, creators, writers, farmers and so forth; not rebellious, disobedient, poverty stricken people of ill health and bad vices.

(“Beloved, above all things, I wish that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prospers.”) 3 John 1-2.

What can we do to get ourselves out of this trap that the enemy has set for us?

Meditate, pray, listen and obey God.
Face your fears. You have a sound mind to make great decisions, don’t let fear stop you.
Take full responsibility for our actions and bad decisions. Repent and ask God for forgiveness.
Believe that you are forgiven and take action to turn your life around. God allows U-turns.
Follow your gut instincts. Don’t allow yourself to be tempted and swayed by a pretty face, sweet talk or money. Looks fade, money runs out. Look instead for strong and Godly character.
Learn how to say NO and move on. Do not allow others to take you from your purpose and destiny.
Invest in your self-development, self-improvement. Take courses, read books, go to seminars that will build you up and set you on the path of fulfilling your life’s purpose.
Pay attention to your health. Decide and plan to live a healthy lifestyle. That means drinking enough water daily to nourish your brain and other organs. The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces. Are you exercising and sweating regularly? Find a way to get in some fun and sweaty activities in your life. Pay attention to your diet. Which foods are your essential vitamins and minerals coming from? Get enough sleep, your brain will thank you for it.
Focus on God, not on man. Spiritual development makes way for wisdom, discernment and prosperity. Find a good church to attend and build up yourself, family and community.
Develop your faith by procrastinating less and taking action. Do what you have to do to make a better life for you and your family. Stop doing things or living a life that can kill or retard your growth, health and success.

Restore your health! Order a naturopathic consultation or iridology report. We detect patterns that when corrected can prevent serious diseases and surgeries.
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