How to Become Healthier & Wealthier

The secret is out…. doctors are more interested in prescribing drugs and medicines than preventative medicine. And why should they care about preventative care? There is no money in healthy people. Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies all make money from sick people. So it is up to YOU and I to take care of ourselves.

To stay healthy here are some key elements or rules that one must follow:

1. Drink more water. The daily goal is to drink half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150lbs you will need 75 ounces of water each day to keep all your major organs hydrated. The liver needs water, kidneys, eyes, brain, we need water to survive. Many people fall ill because of dehydration. Coconut water is great, lots of potassium. Lemon water is great, it will flush liver and kidney and alkaline your blood.

2. Pay attention to blood circulation. Get up and move around for 30 minutes a day. Jump, run, walk, swim, play tennis, do something to get your body and blood going.

3. Eat something leafy and green each day. It will provide fiber, which is what keeps your colon healthy and clean versus dirty and clogged. A serving of fresh fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, banana or salad each day will help your body eliminate waste better instead of storing it internally. Make sure you ‘poo’ once or twice per day.

4. Take your supplements. Mineral deficiency is the beginning of all disease. The American diet is sad and lacking in minerals. Stay away from microwaves and stop nuking your food. It can cause cancer. Research microwaves and find out for yourself.

5. Practice being happy, smile more, be kind to others. Studies show that anger, bitterness, envy, jealousy and hatred can cause cancer, ulcers and other illness. Let it go. Be friendlier and make more friends instead.

6. Use more natural products whenever possible. Natural hair color, like henna, is gentler on our bodies than harsh chemicals. Natural deodorants, natural soaps, natural cleaning detergents all help us to stay healthier.

7. Get in at least 8 hours sleep each night. Sleep is more important than we think and allows us to stay alert and think more. Also sleep keeps us looking young.

8. Stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and hard drugs. They lead to destruction. They not only age us but deteriorate our cells and our minds. No one wants to be poorer, less alert and without creative ideas.

9. Do something for your community. Community building is important in that it creates neighborly bonds and you make friends. It is good to know your neighbor’s name and have a friendly relationship. Helping the seniors or mentoring kids in your community will add a new dimension (of happiness, contentment or usefulness) to your life.

10. Know your purpose and know who you serve. You are a spiritual being that was put here on earth to fulfill a greater good. If you are not serving God, then who are you serving?

As far as becoming wealthy, there is a single concept that most people fail to grasp. The more useful you are, the more money you make. You must be the solution or provide a solution to a problem, then people will seek you out and give you money for providing the answer to their problems. Think about what you can bring to the market to barter, if we still lived in a barter system. You must have something useful that solves a problem or fits a need. When you have this product or service you are then able to sell it to the world. If you have no product or no service to market then how will you survive? The answer is: by the whims of the people who have products and services to market. They will be called your boss. If you desire to become wealthy, you must have a service or product that people need or desire. Then you find a strategic, creative way of marketing that product or service to the masses. Be consistent and determined to succeed, never, ever give up and you can become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

By Dr. Simone Lord.. naturopathic doctor, minister, entrepreneur, author of Financial Freedom by Faith

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