Idrology Report &(or) w/ Consulation

Healthy means being able to do fun things with your family. Enjoying life, traveling, walking, running, dancing, laughing… until you get sick and your life is drastically changed. You can’t play, you can barely walk, you can’t dance, it is annoying. Before it gets to that point, let’s check the health of your organs with a simple modality. It’s called Iridology and it’s been around a long time.

Just as organs are represented in the hand, foot, ear, tongue, and spinal cord, they also have a specific place in the iris of the eye. The iris can show constitutional strengths and weaknesses as well as toxic accumulation.

The irises show the health of each organ in the body. It is a fascinating study dating back to at least 1670. It is also preventative care at its best because it allows practitioners to see weaknesses in organs before they break down completely and you need surgery.

For example, we can see if there is an arm or leg, or knee injury. We can see when the colon is congested. We can see kidney and liver health as well as the prostate. We can see brain health, stress levels and so much more.

By getting an iridology report, you can see what and where the underlying causes of your discomfort or ailment are. Then I make recommendations to remedy the situation before it turns into surgery or hard drugs which add to more toxic accumulation in your body.

You can send me a picture of both your eyes and I will tell you where the problems are. The recommendations I make consist of lifestyle changes, maybe you need more sleep or ‘fun sweaty exercises’ or maybe a sauna or more eliminations. Maybe a colon cleanse is necessary. When was the last time you did a colon cleanse? Most diseases stem from toxic build-up and from mineral deficiencies. That means maybe you need magnesium or calcium… I can help you to live a healthier life. Get your iridology report today and make the changes that will help you live longer, happier, and healthier lives. The normal cost is $100 but I am going to give you 50% percent off so that you can get a headstart to bringing back your body to great health! Simply take a picture or have someone take a clear picture of both irises, open wide, and email the pictures to me at Make sure you put your name and date of birth in the email, nothing more. I will tell you what your body is deficient in and which organs need support and exactly what is needed to bring the body and mind back to great health.

Dr. Lord


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