Thank you for joining us at Royal People Group. We would like to invite you to our church and wellness center INSPIRE NY, where we host weekly Sunday Brunch and church service. If you are into good health and abundant living you don’t want to miss our H.E.A.L series: Holistic Education Aiding in Longevity. Come find out how to live your most healthy, productive and prosperous life! Sundays at 12 noon. (beginning October 7, 2018)

We are a Royal People.. of the lineage of David and Yeshua. We invite you to join us as we teach the art of living an abundant, healthy, prosperous and happy life. For our children and children’s children to inherit a better community, nation, better health, happiness, love, and an awesome quality of life. Let’s go back to Mother Earth…. “The herbs of the land are for the healing of the nations.”

With Love & Light,

Dr. Simone Lord

(Doctor of Naturopathy)




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